300 Entertainment presents a series of digital micro-episodes dedicated to shedding light on key elements of the Music Business. 300 Entertainment’s executives will share knowledge on A&R, Marketing, & Publishing.

Date: week of June 27, 2022

Immersive Audio Deep Dive

With GRAMMY® winning engineers Ann Mincieli, Michael Romanowski, George Massenburg and Eric Schilling, you’ll discover:

  • All the elements involved with mixing in Immersive Audio
  • The mix flows
  • Evolving the technology
  • Deliverables to the record labels
  • How to develop the future of Immersive audio

Date and Time: Wednesday, June 29, 2022, 12:00 – 1:00 PM

Simplifying Digital Royalty Solutions with SoundExchange

SoundExchange’s best-in-class data platform and industry-leading use of technology make it easier for creators and rights holders to collect the payments they are owed. Learn more about SoundExchange’s offerings with Tiara Guy, SoundExchange’s Associate Director of Marketing Operations, Industry Engagement as she hosts a workshop on Simplifying Digital Royalty Solutions.