Nicole George-Middleton
Nicole George Middleton

As a lawyer by trade and a devoted music lover at heart, Nicole George-Middleton is currently taking on a role that puts all of her diverse talents and experience to use. As Senior Vice President of Membership at ASCAP, (the American Society of Composers Authors and Publishers), a membership association of more than 420,000 songwriters, composers and music publishers, Nicole is responsible for the oversight and daily operational management of ASCAP’s Rhythm and Soul Membership department on a worldwide basis. Nicole attended the University of Pennsylvania for her undergraduate degree, but it was while she was getting her law degree at Brooklyn Law School that she decided to pursue a career in the music business. After graduating from law school, Nicole joined the Middleton Law Group, where she practiced entertainment law for five years. In 2006, Nicole moved to Jive Records, where she became the Director of Business & Legal Affairs. She joined ASCAP in 2008.