I AM I Session 3: Immigrants Innovating in Music Business. Changing the Sound of Global Music (Panel discussion and Showcase)
I am I immigrants innovating in music business changing the sound of global music
Sonic Records

The Immigrant and Music Initiative (I AM I) celebrates the diverse cultural contributions from immigrants that make New York City the world’s leading music hub. Music creators from around the world will have the opportunity to learn from, network, and connect with each other and continue an important conversation about the significant impact of immigrants on the music industry.

For the final session, we will focus on immigrants’ contributions to NYC’s music business. An in-depth conversation with top NYC-based immigrant music executives and creators where they will share best practices and tips on how to navigate some of the challenges they faced as immigrants. You will also learn how to use your multicultural background as your “super power” to stand from the crowd as a music creator. This session will include a music showcase by a notable immigrant artist based in NYC.


Date: Tuesday, June 20, 2023, 7pm — 10pm

Location: Quad Studios – 723 7th Ave 10th floor, New York, NY 10019