INTERLUDE+ an initiative of the Mayor’s Office of Media and Entertainment, in partnership with NY is Music.


INTERLUDE+ is a hands-on music & art workshop series for and by the LGBTQ+ community, bringing together respected musicians, artists, and industry leaders to inspire a new generation of creatives in nontraditional educational environments produced by Offline-Projects.


June 8th: COMMUNITY+: An immersive exhibition hosted in a hidden storefront featuring works by a multidisciplinary artist, open to the public throughout the month of June.


June 15th: New Ballroom, New History: A leading ballroom house curates a dance masterclass with the scene’s top dancers & DJs in an immersive ballroom venue.


June 22nd: Deconstructed: Track-by-Track: A renowned producer breaks down their tracks stem by stem in an interactive workshop on musical production.


June 29th: Lunchtable Conversations on Evolution & Identity: Two musicians come together at a communal lunchtable to talk about their career-changing transitions in identity, hosted over a PB&J lunch.